Life Lesson #2: That’s a person.

Like many others in the world, I have struggled with low self-esteem for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately,  there have been many times that my feelings of worthlessness have built up so much that I cannot bear to be in my own skin. The negative judgments that I have been told or thought … Continue reading Life Lesson #2: That’s a person.


Fight the Stigma: Get Medication if You Need It

For years I fought the idea of needing medication. Whenever someone suggested it I thought that it was not for me. Some of my thoughts were contradictory, but I still thought them. Medication can't solve psychological problems.Only really crazy people need medication.I'm not like those people.I don't need medication, I just need to.... (lose weight, … Continue reading Fight the Stigma: Get Medication if You Need It