Quarantine Week 1: Lessons Learned

Just over a week ago my job sent us home. No work, no traveling, and no gatherings for at least a month. At first I thought, okay I'm going to be optimistic and get all of these things done at home that I haven't had enough time for. I'm going to work on art every … Continue reading Quarantine Week 1: Lessons Learned


I feel fine.I feel bored.I feel numb. I feel empty.I feel unsatisfied.I feel anxious.I feel doom.I feel alone.I feel sad.I feel depressed.I feel my arms and legs weighing me down.I feel frustrated.I feel angry.I feel my brain on fire.I feel death.I feel like giving up.I feel release.I feel tired.I feel weak.I feel weepy.I feel guilty.I … Continue reading “Today”